How to register 1stFlip Flipbook Creator?

After you purchase the license, download and install the correct version on your computer from . Here we will take Mac Pro version as example.

Step 1 Run 1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro and choose 1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro - About 1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro from the menu bar. Click below Register button.

Step 2 Copy&paste the license code you received in the email and click Activate button.

Step 3 Now you have activated 1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro successfully. You can create and upload flipbooks.

How to get free points?

Step 1 Click Online on the menu bar - Book Management, you will be asked to login or create a 1stflip account.

Step 2 Click below blue button to copy&paste your registration code to get your free point.

If you purchase lifetime license, you will get 10 free points. If you purchase annual license, you will get 5 free points. It costs you 1 point to upload 1 flipbook to 1srFlip cloud hosting.
When you are out of points, click Purchase Points to get more.